Selected Publications


“After All, I Promised to Read St. Augustine” forthcoming in Grist

“Heroic Head of Pierre De Wissant, One of the Burghers of Calais (1886) by Auguste Rodin” forthcoming in Grist

“& I Cringe Every Time I Hear the Word Womb” forthcoming in Grist

“Our Lady of the Fallow” forthcoming in Grist

“Our Lady of the Restroom Stall Confessional” in Pidgeonholes (online) 

“Self-Portrait as Faked Orgasms” in Dialogist (online)

“Elegy With Apologies to Leon Jacobovits James”  in West Branch (online)–nominated for a Pushcart Prize

“Self-Portrait With Origin Myth & Orbit”   in wildness (online)

“Sitting on the Floor in the Dark, My Student Asks If We’ve Always Done This” in Pleiades (print)

“Ode to the Word Vagina”  forthcoming in Palette Poetry (online) 

“The Night My Father Died, I Almost Believed in God”  in Sundog Lit (online)–nominated for a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net

To The Women Who Surrounded the Pentagon  in Gordon Square Review (online)

Rotational Fall in The Boiler summer 2020 issue (online)

Our Lady of the Safe Word in Glass: a Journal of Poetry (online)

On Trying to Guess My Newly-Dead Father’s Computer Password  in Lunch Ticket: Amuse-Bouche (online)

Personal Sonnet While Hail Accumulates, No. 6  in Cream City Review issue 44.1 (print)

Spell to Extract Beauty from My Mother’s Sadness in Jelly Bucket issue 10 (print)

Elegy Toward Indifference  in Entropy (online)

Legacy  at Poets [dot] org  (online)

Clearing My History After Searching Plan B Availability in Utah (because no, this is not what you think) in Cherry Tree issue 6 (print)

Stand Her Ground   in Longleaf Review (online)

Our Lady of Impermanence  in Noble / Gas Qtrly Issue 206.1 (online)

Digestif   in Split Rock Review Issue 13 (online)

Party Game  in Kissing Dynamite issue 7 (online)

Mistaken for Animals  in Rabbit Catastrophe Review issue 15 (print)

Pulling  in Belt Magazine (online)

Hall Pass for a Dead Girl  in English Journal vol. 108 issue 2 (print)


Read if I Die   in McSweeney’s  (online)